Meeghan Holaway


Stats: 5'8", 135lb

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Bones                                     Guest Star      Michael Lang, Dir

Scandal                                  Guest Star      Scott Foley - ABC

Fear The Walking Dead         Recurring        Michael McDonough - AMC

Criminal Minds                       Recurring       Joe Mantegna – CBS
NCIS                                      Guest Star      Dennins Smith – CBS
Grey's Anatomy                    
Recurring        Various – ABC
Switched At Birth                   Recurring        Various – ABC Family
Doll & Em                               Guest Star      Azazel Jacobs – HBO

Two And A Half Men              Guest Star       James Widdoes - CBS   

Monday Mornings                  Guest Star      Mike Listo - TNT

Law & Order                          Guest Star       David Platt - NBC

  Cold Case                              Guest Star      Alex Zakrzewski - CBS










 Without A Trace                       Guest Star     John Showalter - CBS



Heros                                      Co-Star          G. Yaitanes  NBC
Private Practice                       Co-Star          Tom Verica - ABC

Inspector Mom                        Recurring        Lifetime
Desperate Housewives           Co-Star           John Grossman - ABC
Til Death                                  Co-Star           James Widdoes - FOX
Eve                                          Guest Star       Mary Lou Belli - UPN
The Bold and The Beautiful    Recurring        Various - CBS

Everybody Loves Raymond    Guest Star       Will MacKenzie - CBS

The Hoop Life                          Recurring         Various - Showtime

Training & Workshops

RADA - Shakespeare Intensive
Stanley Kramer
Carol Tingle - Singing Coach




Combat Fencing

Stunt Experience

Snow Skiing




Authentic British dialects High & Low


About Fate                             Supporting.       Marius Weisberg for Netflix

Holidate                                 Supporting       John Whitesall for Netflix

The Swan                               Lead                Tiffany Paulsen

Food For Thought                  Lead               Joe Cacaci – With Tony Shalhoub, Minnie Driver
Crazy On The Outside           Supporting      Tim Allen – With Julie Bowen
Shuffle                                    Lead                Kurt Kuenne
The Spirit                                Supporting      Frank Miller - with Everyone

Two Boys                                Lead               Victor Bumbalo - with Cameron Monaghan

S.E.R.E                                   Lead                Angus Fletcher



Les Miserables                      Mme Thenardier       Brian Kite      La Mirada

Baby It's You                        Florence Greenberg  Floyd Mutrux  Pasadena Playhouse

Dinner With Friends               Beth                       Dan Sullivan  

He Hunts                              Leontine (U/S)         The Geffen Playhouse

Sylvia                                   Sylvia                      The Oldacastle Theatre Co

Noises Off                             Brooke                    The Oldcast Theatre Co.

The Merry Wives of Windsor    Mistress Ford           Manhattan Playhouse


Full Theatrical Resume Upon Request